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Baggage transfer in both directions, between your daily stops along Hadrian’s Wall
Prices from £10 per bag, per stage.

Baggage Transfer

Hadrian’s Haul Ltd is an amalgamation of Hadrian’s Wall Baggage Transfer Ltd and Hadrian’s Haul, the two largest and longest serving baggage transfer services on Hadrian’s Wall.  Operating on the Wall for nearly 20 years, we bring a wealth of experience to help you enjoy this iconic walking route.

We offer a comprehensive service for your baggage between your daily stops, releasing you to walk or ride freely along the Hadrian’s Wall Long Distance Path in either direction, without the burden of a heavy pack. We will collect your bags after you have left to enjoy your day and deliver them to your next chosen place of accommodation ready for your arrival.

Hadrian’s Wall Trail

The Hadrian’s Wall Long Distance Path became the UK’s 15th National Trail when it officially opened in 2003 and runs for 84 miles (135 km), from Wallsend in Tyne & Wear on the east coast, to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria on the west coast.

For most of its length the path runs close to, (and in some sections actually on), the remains of Hadrian’s Wall which was the defensive wall built by the Romans in AD22 on the northern border of their empire. The Wall is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the “Frontiers of the Roman Empire“.

Hadrian's Wall

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Just e-mail your itinerary details to info@hadriansbags.co.uk and we will then contact you with the total cost of your baggage transfer for your walk.

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Hadrian’s Wall Stages

If you wish, the whole path can be divided into 6 manageable sections each of approximately 12 to 15 miles.  However, this is just a suggestion, so feel free to choose your own stages and stage lengths.  Some walkers even prefer to just do the central sections which, scenery wise, are the most beautiful and where the remnants of the wall itself are most obvious.

However you choose to walk the wall and in which ever direction, we can help make it more enjoyable.

Whilst the path runs mostly through open country, where you can enjoy the spectacularly beautiful scenery of England’s most northern counties, Northumberland and Cumbria, there are some urban sections around the cities of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the east and Carlisle in the west.

What Our Customer’s Say About Us

Hi Mark ,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for transporting our bags so efficiently this week. We can’t believe how easy it was to organise it with you and it made our walk  viable for us .

Thank you so much

Anna and Shaun

Anna Everett & Shaun Hacking - April 2024

Hello Mark-

Thank you for a great reliable service moving my bag. It was lovely seeing my bag when I checked into each b and b or inn along Hadrian’s Wall path. We even saw a van on our last day into Newcastle! I will highly recommend your service.


Deborah Hansen

Deborah Hansen - April 2024

The sight of our bag when we arrived at our stay for the night was fantastic, all provided by Mark and his team. We got exactly what we were promised, no pomp or fuss, just perfect service. I recommend this company to any person who needs their service, no need to check anywhere else, these guys are tops.

Howard Murphy - March 2024

Hi Mark,

Thanks for moving our bags over Easter. The children made a game of spotting your vans overtaking us.

91 miles completed in 6 days. The children wanted to do it all again when we’d finished.

Great service, on time every day. It makes all the difference to the walk knowing your bags are well looked after – and that you don’t have to carry them!

All the best for the coming season and I’ll 100% recommend you to any of our friends who want to do the walk.

Kind regards,


Victoria Austin - March 2024

Hadrian’s Haul moved my backpack between the 28th March and 2nd April whilst I concentrated on tackling Hadrian’s Wall. There is absolutely no way I could have made it carrying my backpack, especially up and down the crags in the middle (most scenic) section. Completely reliable, bags were waiting for me every day when I arrived exhausted. It also acted as that motivation to keep going too rather than calling it a day when I’d had enough. There is no way I could have completed in 7 days otherwise. Very competitive pricing too,  I cannot understand why anyone would want the hassle of carrying their own bag. Very amenable to late changes to plans as things undoubtedly do change as you progress on your walk. Simple booking, I booked the day before.

Highly recommended 👌

Taryn Gronbeck - March 2024

Mark and his team were great in transferring my baggage from one hotel to another and all was seamless. Mark also provided honest and insightful information to assist me in planning my Hadrian’s Wall walk beforehand.

Definitely recommend.

Simon Hilton - March 2024

WOW! What an incredible service. You leave your bags at your hotel, do your walking to your next nights stop and your bags are already there. We used Hadrian’s Haul from Carlisle to Newcastle and they were faultless. My back loved this service every step of the way. They were also incredibly responsive to any questions.

Bill Gegg - September 2023

We have just returned from completing our Hadrian’s Wall trip and used Hadrian’s Haul services for all stages of our trip from Carlisle to Newcastle. Our bags were collected and dropped efficiently and early every day, and the useful bag tags they provided helped us feel confident that our bags would arrive at the location we expected, When one of the tags broke, Hadrian’s Haul provided a new tag the following day without any prompting. Thank you for such great service

Katherine ‘Bob’ Gill - September 2023

Perfection! At the very last minute – an error on our part – we failed to connect properly and make the reservations in advance – and they bent over to accommodate us! Originally we chose the company on Google that was the “sponsored” listing. Much to our great dismay, they refused to respond, but rather passed our information on to Hadrian’s Haul. We only discovered that when we called Hadrian’s and they were aware of our intinerary, having received it from the other firm. Our strong opinion to choose Handrian’s Haul first and always cannot be overstated. We had not one, not two – but THREE different walking adventures in three different countires – and these guys nailed it! Our bags were where they were supposed to be – when they were supposed to be there – and an outcome like that makes all the difference when you are sleeping in a different hotel or B&B every night, for three weeks running! A great business with a leader at the top who believes in what he’s doing, the difference it makes and how to get it done! Thank you for a stress-free adventure! – Marilyn Trumper-Samra, George Samra, Oscoda, MI USA

George Samra - August 2023

Thank you Hadrian’s Haul for your outstanding service. Not only did you offer a reliable and timely service, you went the extra mile to help us. After our airline lost our luggage and finally delivered it to the wrong hotel, two days walk away, you managed to organise your transport to pick it up despite being fully booked. You picked up the phone at 8pm when you should have been relaxing, you listened to our problem and found a solution. When we arrived at our accommodation the following day, there it was, just as you had promised. Thank you.

Elisa Chapman - July 2023

Wanted to add another review to say that I used Hadrian’s Haul / Hadrian’s Bags (they seem to go by both names) for my Hadrian’s Wall walk and it all worked like clockwork with my bag always magically being at the new place arrived! It all felt very organised – they add a label to your bag with its itinerary which I found reassuring and they also managed to deliver and collect from the airbnb that I stayed at. Having done another National Trail carrying all my stuff, I really appreciated how much more pleasant and enjoyable it was not doing so!

Juliette Culver - May 2023

Excellent service – something of a last minute and left field decision to walk Hadrian’s Wall in mid-March ’23 a little before the ‘season’ starts.

Mark was excellent; accommodating my itinerary and the changes that came about because of life’s challenges. A brilliant and efficient service that makes the experience much much easier to enjoy.

Would wholeheartedly recommend Hadrian’s Haul and will definitely be using them again. Thanks for everything.

Darren Kilburn - March 2023

They are great—we had complete peace of mind our entire 7-day walk along the Wall. Even when we arrived at the tiny, kind of obscure Air BnB near the end of our hike: there were our bags waiting for us. Thank you! Highly recommend!

Steve Buchtel - September 2022

Excellent service. Really reasonable rates and simple to organise. Bags collected and dropped off without any issue and they were extremely helpful when things needed to be rearranged as I had got my dates mixed up.
Would highly recommend

Nicky van der Sande - August 2022

Faultless 1st class service. Couldn’t have done the Hadrian’s wall walk without them. Top stuff

Steve Bardsley - August 2022

When embarking on a significant trek you need to be in a position to trust someone to transfer your baggage, and its precious belongings, from one destination to another. It is extremely gratifying to know that this will happen responsibly & effectively.
HWBT Limited certainly delivered for my trio & I would recommend their service to everyone.
Communication totally effective & simple.
Do not think we could have asked for more. Great job guys!

Colin Bird - May 2022

I arranged with Hadrian’s Wall Baggage Transfer to transfer my luggage while I walked Hadrian’s Wall. Mark was knowledgeable and accommodating. The service was efficient, dependable and reliable. It is always a pleasure to arrive at the hotel after a long days walk to find the luggage there, delivered by hidden hands.

Steve B. - May 2022

I have organised many walk trips for friends and colleagues over the years and found Mark to be the best and most flexible of all the transfer companies I have used. His communication was spot on, the deliveries were completed without fuss and our bags were waiting for us each night as we arrived. Thanks Mark and all at Hadrian’s Bags.

Richard Bonfield - June 2021

Upon enquiry Mark went above and beyond to be helpful. I outlined my plans and they were particularly complicated for a specific drop off point to which he gave me many options to work with. It was a delightful service to have someone who wanted to work with me to help solve my problem. Sadly I had to cancel my trip due to injury but I will be returning to use this company again when I finally make my trip. Would definitely recommend!

Laura Armitstead - June 2021

We cannot thank Mark and his team enough. Hadrian’s Bags were professional, efficient and provided us with an excellent and stress free service, that left us free to enjoy our walking during the day. To know our bags were ready and waiting at each of our accommodation stops was such a weight off our mind. Mark helped us as we started our holiday with clear information and instructions and our bags were well looked after. We would definitely recommend them. All the best, Linda and Julie.

Julie Tobin - August 2021

Just a really big thank you to Hadrian’s Bags for a really seamless efficient baggage service. It was great to have the knowledge that our bags,would be at our next destination waiting for us. It was fun to see our bags on your vans with your driver waving at us at different stages. Would highly recommend your company.

Anna Mortimer - July 2020

Very impressed with what Mark’s team provided. I just left my bags with the host and they arrived at my next destination.

They are well established in the area, with the local B&B owners that I stayed with recommending them over other similar services. I also couldn’t find another company below their price point either, true quality and fair pricing.

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to complete the walk without this service as my feet and shoulders were in dire straits from carrying loaded rucksack.

Edward Grace - April 2019

I was really delighted with this company after struggling with a muscle problem on the walk and needing my backpack transferred to the next campsite. Mark answers emails really quickly, courteously and the bag was collected without fuss. Through my own fault I had no change but Mark sorted it, no problem. 5 stars – highly recommended.

Peter Dryden - May 2021

An excellent company that delivers a very professional service. Our bags were moved to our individual schedule in good time every day. The fact we could rely totally upon the service gave us more time to enjoy our adventure. A great service and I would recommend them to anyone.

Chris Townson - September 2021

This company provided an excellent and reliable baggage service, labelling and transferring bags to our requested drop off point each day to enable us to walk Hadrian’s Wall without the carrying excessive belongings allowing us to enjoy the walk. The middle section would be particularly tricky with a large bag. Thank you for looking after our bags over the week.

Naomi Anderson - August 2019

Bags picked up and delivered on time every day. Great service and good value for money. Probably wouldn’t have been able to have done the walk without this service. Thanks.

Adie Bunn - September 2021

Had a super service from this company. Being able to transfer part of our baggage from campsite to campsite ended up making our wall walk much more possible and enjoyable. It was easy to organise and they’re very responsive too. Thanks!

Anna Scott - September 2021

Absolute lifesavers in the hot weather! Professional, punctual, friendly and super value – there was not a single hitch in how our bags were moved. They organised everything in a stress free manner, even though we contacted them at very short notice! Mark also went above and beyond to sort out an issue (which wasn’t their fault). Thanks again guys!

Vikki T - August 2020

HWBT were amazing! We had a couple changes before our walk and they very kindly accommodated them. Our luggage arrived before we did to every stage of our walk. Would definitely recommend them!

Roberto Cruz - September 2020

Honestly saved our entire trip!

A friend and I had planned to walk the wall over 4 days carrying our own bags. Unfortunately both of us picked up foot injuries on day 2 of our trip. Thankfully we were able to continue some of our trip thanks to a lightened load.

We arranged for both our bags to be carried to the next bnb on our route for day 3 and only took a small daysack with us. It was quick and easy to organise and our bags made it to our bnb well before we did. We simply left them labelled up in the morning and they were picked up with no dramas and for a bargain price too!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to complete day 4 of our wall walk due to our injuries but we are already making plans to return, this time with baggage transfer! Couldn’t recommend more.

Matt Dunning - April 2019

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